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I have a genuine passion for real estate, and when I embarked on my real estate career, I committed to becoming a student of the game. I made a personal pact to go all in, absorbing knowledge ranging from the fundamentals of selling real estate to the intricate details of home construction and the tax advantages of cost segregation studies. My daily objective is to acquire new insights into real estate, achieved through a combination of consuming relevant content, engaging in daily work activities, and participating in the sale and investment of properties. This relentless pursuit has afforded me a wealth of knowledge that I am eager to share with all of you, aiding in the realization of your real estate goals.

Why Real Estate?

In my college years, I recognized that a traditional degree wouldn't lead me to the life and genuine financial freedom I desired. Upon analyzing financially successful individuals, a common trend emerged—real estate. It is widely acknowledged that 90% of millionaires attribute their wealth to real estate. I firmly believe that dedicating four years to mastering the intricacies of real estate, akin to pursuing a college degree, has the transformative power to alter one's family legacy and surpass the success of peers. Real estate, to me, is both enjoyable and rewarding, often feeling more like a passion than work. Importantly, it serves as a direct route to financial freedom and the lifestyle I aspire to lead.

Why Read This Newsletter?

This newsletter serves as a platform for me to share my wealth of knowledge and experiences with others, with the hope of mutual learning. It is a space where I document trends, offer tips, discuss strategies, and recount experiences from my daily life as a realtor and real estate investor. Expect in-depth explorations of specific real estate topics, real-life analyses of deals, insights into market trends, updates on major real estate news, and comprehensive coverage of all things related to real estate. Many topics will be centered around my local market, Greater Sacramento. I encourage you all to engage with me—leave comments, send direct messages, text, or even pick up the phone for a detailed conversation. Let's foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights within this community.

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Harley Caballero

Greater Sacramento Realtor / Real Estate Investment Specialist

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Harley is a Realtor in the Greater Sacramento area. He specializes in helping people achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. DRE# 02187232 Phone: (408) 348-0874 Email: harley@harleycaballero.com