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I love real estate, plain and simple. When I set out on my real estate career I became a true student of the game. I told myself if I was going to do this I was going all in. I wanted to learn everything I could from the basic things like how to sell real estate to the nitty gritty details of how a home is built and the tax benefits of a cost segregation study. My goal is to learn something new about real estate every day. Between the content I consume, the daily work I do, and the properties I sell and invest in, I generally accomplish that goal. Due to this continuous pursuit of real estate, I have learned an incredible amount and would love to share it with all of you to help you accomplish your real estate goals.

Why Real Estate?

Real estate is the greatest investment in the world. When I was in college I knew it wasn’t for me. I knew the degree I was working towards was never going to provide me with the life and the true financial freedom I wanted. As I analyzed people that were living a financially successful life I realized they all had one thing in common, real estate. It is said that 90% of millionaires are made through real estate. I truly believe If you spend four years studying and mastering the game of real estate like many people spend four years getting a college degree you have the ability to change your family tree and become more successful than anybody you know. Real estate is fun and rewarding… sometimes I feel like I'm not even working, but most importantly it's a direct path to financial freedom and the life I want to live.

Why Read This Newsletter?

The goal of this newsletter is to share my knowledge and experience with others and hopefully learn from them as well. This newsletter is a place for me to document the trends, tips, strategies, and experiences I see in my day-to-day life and career as a realtor and real estate investor. We will dive deep into very specific real estate topics, real-life deal analysis, market trends, major real estate news, and all things real estate related. Many of the topics will be related to my local market Greater Sacramento.

I encourage you all to interact by leaving a comment, sending me a dm, texting me, or picking up the phone and having a detailed conversation with me.

Thanks for reading! Keep up with what I’m doing below!

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Harley Caballero

Greater Sacramento Realtor / Real Estate Investment Specialist

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A newsletter about Greater Sacramento real estate with an emphasis on real estate investing. Documenting my boots on the ground experience as a realtor and real estate investor. DRE# 02187232 Phone: (408) 348-0874 Email: harley@harleycaballero.com


Harley Caballero

Harley is a Realtor in the Greater Sacramento area. He specializes in helping people achieve financial freedom and escape the rat race through real estate investing. DRE# 02187232 Phone: (408) 348-0874 Email: harley@harleycaballero.com